Best travel blog posts in February


 By Kathryn Burrington

From a women’s co-operative in Jordan to a couple making a tandem bungy jump on Valentine’s Day, it has been an interesting and exciting month for the travel blogging community. Here are a few of the stories that caught my eye over the past four weeks.

In The Giving Lens Gives Back in Jordan Jenny Freedman describes her visit to a women’s co-operative group in Jordan. “Fifty women were originally chosen to learn the skills of weaving, paper work and pottery … In 2001, they became the Iraq Al-Amir Women’s Co-Operative Society with the purpose of keeping their culture alive, protecting the environment and supporting the ladies from the village.” Her post is illustrated with some lovely photographs, especially of the village children. More photographs can be seen in a later post The Children of Jordan’s Al-Amir Village. Sadly, due to the drop in tourism to the area this fascinating and much needed co-operative is struggling to survive. Follow Jenny on Twitter @atasteoftravel

Andi Perullo recently posted a colourful description, with some interesting photographs, of Palermo Soho, one of her favourite neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires. Andi comments “In the 1980s, the area’s combination of cobblestone tree-lined streets and bohemian vibe was recognized and thus it was renamed after the entertainment district of SoHo in New York City … Palermo Soho is best described as creative, chic and cool. It is quite easy to lose several hours of your day simply people watching and window shopping in this barrio.” Follow Andi on Twitter @AndiPerullo


“Here’s the surprising thing about bungy: it’s not anything like we expected. It’s a rush. We expected that. It’s terrifying. We expected that. But the bounce (it’s not a snap, by the way) at the bottom is soft and elastic and actually a lot of fun, particularly when you pop up and down a few times and realize that you’ve in fact survived and can enjoy an upside-down view of turquoise water and stunning ravine below.” See Daniel and Audrey’s full account of leaping from Kawarau Bridge in Queenstown, New Zealand, in their post A tandem bungy jump on Valentine’s Day. Follow Daniel and Audrey on Twitter @umarket

Following a number of recent tragic events, women’s solo travel has been a hot topic this month. Mariellen Ward’s post Ode to the lady traveller addresses some of the issues raised and promotes a new movement in support of women’s solo travel. “Women have been travelling and exploring the world alone for generations, maybe longer. Alexandra David-Néel walked into Lhasa, Tibet, disguised as a man in 1924, when it was closed to foreigners, and lived in a cave in Sikkim… In this day and age there are thousands, perhaps millions, of women travelling the globe solo, and many of them are travel bloggers like myself. We are the new ‘lady travellers’. But the recent tragic death of a young American woman in Turkey, and a vicious and much-publicized gang rape in Delhi, has some people wondering if women should be travelling alone. To this, we say WeGoSolo!” Read Mariellen’s post to find out more about this new movement, “and how it is supporting and encouraging women to travel safely. And why travel, and travelling solo, is not the problem.” Follow Mariellen on Twitter @BreatheDreamGo and the hashtag #WeGoSolo.

* I’ll be looking out for more interesting or unusual travel blog posts throughout March. If you spot any captivating stories or stunning photographs from independent travel bloggers please do let me know by leaving a comment below or you can send me a tweet @travelwithkat

* Photo credits: Jenny Freedman, AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand

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6 Responses to “Best travel blog posts in February”

  1. Thank you so much for the shout out! :)

  2. Thank you for including my post Kathryn. I’m off now to read the other blogs!

  3. Andi and Jenny, My pleasure. I love both your blogs and there are many wonderful posts on them I could easily have featured but these were my favourites.

  4. Great list! Hope I can be on it someday.

  5. Kathryn says:

    Hi Jonathan, I enjoyed checking out your site so I wouldn’t be surprised if it does one day! Do let me know if you see any others you think I should know about by tweeting me @travelwithkat

  6. Just clicked on the Palermo Soho link, Buenos Aires seems a little more Idyllic than I was expecting. Unusual though and quite unexpected in a good way, so thanks for sharing.

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